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T6 Dual Range


T6 Dual Range
  • Dual range capacities – 10:1 ratio
  • (5/0.5 to 20K/2K Nm)
  • (44.3/4.43 to 177K to 17.7K lb-in)
  • ±5 VDC output standard (+/-10VDC Optional
  • Digital electronics
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • 12 to 28 VDC supply
  • Contactless
  • 5 kHz sample rate - each range
  • 16-bit

The T6’s floating mount design typically installs between two single-flex couplings and is ideal in applications where low capacity measurements must be taken in conjunction with much higher running torques or torque spikes. The two fully independent strain gage bridges provide simultaneous ±5V or ±10V high-level output signals over the two ranges. Non-contact design features 0.1% combined error, 16-bit resolution digital electronics and remotely activated, internal shunt calibration resistors directly at the strain gage bridges. Speed and angle can be measured with the optional encoder.

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