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RT12E High Capacity Rotary Transformer


RT12E High Capacity Rotary Transformer
  • The RT12E’s rugged design features 2X safe overload, 0.1% combined error, SAE sized keyed shafts and integrated speed measurement. Available in large capacities, the RT10E allows high accuracy measurements under high-overload conditions. Available with on-board signal conditioning to provide high-level ± 5V our ±10V outputs.
  • 2X overload rating
  • Performance to 0.1%
  • Hardened to EMI from adjustable speed drives
  • Bidirectional operation including stall
  • Ferrite-free rotary transformer coupling
  • Calibration & balance free of cable effects
  • Unexcelled immunity to machinery magnetic fields
  • 15-5 PH stainless shaft, splashproof & corrosion resistant
  • mV/V output compatible with carrier amplifier

230K Nm

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