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WMCP Stainless Steel Load Cell


WMCP Stainless Steel Load Cell

• Capacities from 500 to1000g
• Proprietary Interface temperature
  compensated in gages
• Tension and compression
• Small size
• Environmentally sealed
• Overload protected to 8x capacity

The WMC miniature load cell family is Interface's smallest T&C load cell.

WMC Load Cell for Industrial Applications

Interface Inc. is the only load cell manufacturer that utilizes a proprietary material to manufacture the bonded foil strain gage for their load cells. These gages provide high resolution, high mV/V output, with very low thermal sensitivity – without the use of additional bias resistors. This means that not only are the Interface load cells more energy efficient with less electrical system noise, they are extremely reliable with extremely repeatable force measurements time after time, over long periods of time.

All stainless steel construction, low deflection, and capacities from grams to thousands of pounds force, these high-reliability WMC load cells find general use in industry, from aerospace to pharmaceutical applications where they serve as the force measurement standard when high performance is required.

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