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称重传感器- TEDS

  • Interface has offered load cells with various types of SELF-ID for many years. The SELF-ID feature eliminates the need to enter data via a keyboard or key panel from a paper calibration sheet into the instrument used with the load cell. This feature offers the following benefits:
  • Eliminates potential for data entry error
  • Cuts time in half to set up instrument
  • Makes swapping of load cells easy
  • Increases safety by making certain that system has the correct capacity of the load cell
  • Can be used to identify location of load cell
  • No need to store calibration sheets, no more paper, no more concern about lost sheets
  • Makes inventory control of your load cells easy
  • Load cells can be changed out without jeopardizing integrity of system

Now TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) provides additional advantages over proprietary SELF-ID because it is an industry standard (IEEE 1451.4) which has the potential to permit mix and matching of load cells and instruments from different manufacturers. IEEE1451.4 specifies a table of identifying parameters that are stored in the load cell in the form of a TEDS. TEDS is a table of parameters that identify the transducer and is held in the transducer on a EEprom for interrogation by external electronics.

Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) SELF-ID Load Cell

  • Load cell with electronic identification inside
  • Meets IEEE 1451.4 standard for smart transducer interface
  • Available on new or existing load cells
  • Plug & Play Ready
  • Cuts instrument setup time
  • Eliminates data entry error
  • Sensor information and calibration data