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The rated output (RO) of Interface load cells is the electrical output of a load or torque cell in millivolts per volt of excitation (mV/V) at the rated load. For example, the electrical voltage output of an Interface load cell with 4 mV/V at 5,000 lbs rated capacity will typically be 4 mV ± 10% or 3.6 mV/V to 4.4 mV/V. In certain applications, it could be desirable for a customer to receive cells with a tighter output tolerance. For a minimal cost, we can “standardize” the outputs within ±0.1% of the rated outputs shown in the catalog (example: 4 mV/V output would be standardized from 3.996 mV/V to 4.004 mV/V).

As a result of the trimming operation, the input resistance of the load cell may be increased. A maximum resistance on a 350 ohm bridge would not exceed 405 ohms.

Application Considerations & Benefits For Wanting Standardized Output:

Volume users who do not wish to trim their electronics for each individual load cell.

Any customer who wishes to interchange load cells without adjusting instrument.

Multiple cell installations (a weighbridge) where the cells are wired in parallel and the
outputs summed.